Responding to long-standing allegations that he lives outside Fountain Valley, City Councilman James D. Petrikin publicly listed a Slater Avenue address Wednesday.

"I do indeed live here," Petrikin said on the steps of a ground-level unit down the street from City Hall. "You saw it, you watched it."

Petrikin, 58, said he has been in the unit three months and before that was either hospitalized for hip problems or staying with friends. At Tuesday's council meeting, backers of a recall effort accused Petrikin of living outside city limits and being unreachable by phone, in person and at council meetings, which he frequently misses.

Settling other troubles, Petrikin pleaded no contest Tuesday to a drunk-driving charge stemming from a Nov. 4 incident in Lodi. A judge ordered him to pay a $1,720 fine, donate $100 to charity and attend classes for first-time offenders. Petrikin said an eight-day jail sentence was suspended.

He said he intends to stay in office.

"I already publicly apologized for any embarrassment I caused the city," Petrikin said.

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