Council Revises Code for Adult Businesses

Local and national court cases involving adult businesses during the last few years have prompted the city to revise its codes for such enterprises.

The City Council this week adopted a temporary ordinance to regulate adult businesses for 10 months while officials prepare a permanent law.

Tustin does not have any adult businesses within its borders, but the city has received several inquiries from potential operators, said Elizabeth Binsack, community development director.

The interim measure is designed to accommodate First Amendment protections for adult businesses, officials said. But it calls for the businesses to be at least 500 feet from residential areas, schools, churches, youth clubs and other adult establishments. Operating hours would be limited to 9 a.m. to midnight.

Numerous court cases, including a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, have upheld the constitutional right of adult businesses to exist but allowed cities to restrict their location.

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