Universal Studios Expansion

Your article on the latest Universal Studios expansion plan hearing (“Universal Expansion Plan Drags On,” Feb. 12) characterizes the goal of opponents as simply trying to delay the project to exact more concessions from Universal. Nothing could be further from the truth. While some opponents have used delaying tactics to block the project, these are not reflective of the approach of groups like the Studio City Residents Assn. (SCRA).

SCRA has repeatedly voiced overwhelming support for increased studio production at Universal. After all, many of our members work in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, SCRA is not opposed to all elements in the Universal plan. Rather we have consistently fought to make the plan a better one, one that supports increased growth at Universal while ensuring that necessary mitigations are in place.

Perhaps the largest share of blame for what seems like an endless review process belongs to Universal. By releasing a draft environmental impact report long on words but woefully short on details, they left themselves open to countless questions, scrutiny and conjecture. In essence, they left it up to the county, city and community to sort out fact from fiction and structure a mitigation plan that allows Universal to grow while maintaining a high quality of life for the community.



POLLY WARD, Vice President

Studio City Residents Assn.