Councilman Calls for New Senior Center

City Councilman Peter M. Green requested that the city staff develop plans for a new multipurpose senior center to meet increasing demand for services by the city's aging population.

Michael Rodgers Senior Center, the only one in the city, is operating at capacity. Officials need to consider how to meet the future needs of the elderly, Green told his colleagues this week.

"We need to start looking into this to meet the seniors' demands in the year 2000 and beyond," Green said.

Green's request came after a recent study by the city's Council on Aging revealed that a new, bigger center is needed.

Rodgers Center, an 11,881-square-foot facility with 111 parking spaces, attracts about 300 seniors a day.

The study found that a 20,000-square-foot building with 200 parking spaces would be the minimum to meet future needs.

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