Vehicle Registration Fees Needed, City Says

The City Council says that proposals aimed at eliminating vehicle registration fees could become detrimental to local government.

The council adopted a proclamation Monday opposing Assembly and Senate bills that would immediately eliminate or phase out fees for noncommercial cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The average California family could save $240 a year if the bills pass, according to some reports.

Fees raised $3.3 billion statewide last year, and some of the money is returned to cities and counties.

Los Alamitos this year will take in $500,000.

Council members and officials praised the spirit behind efforts to reduce taxes but called it unfair for cities to absorb the brunt of the reductions.

For every $100 collected, counties receive $41; cities, $18; California Highway Patrol, $12.50; Caltrans, $9.80; the Department of Motor Vehicles, $9 and the state general fund, $7.60.

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