Bikini Barbershop Reopens at New Site

Like the swimsuits for which they are named, the Bikini Barbershop is back.

Closed since Nov. 7, the attention-grabbing salon reopened Tuesday at a new location, 1673 Irvine Ave., where it will continue its gimmick: women in bathing suits cut hair.

"It's a novelty," said customer Ralph Starkweather of Irvine, who got a $13 haircut on opening day.

Stylist Nicola Fenton, 30, of Costa Mesa said the bikinis are "just a gimmick, and the people who come in know they're going to get a decent haircut, and we care about our work."

Management moved the shop in hopes of attracting more business than they did at the former 17th and Santa Ana Avenue location, which opened in 1995, said Wilson Hall, vice president.

Hall said complaints are rare.

"It's something a little different than going into a Supercuts," Hall said.

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