With Fewer Homes, Project Is Approved

The developers of a controversial subdivision to be built next to the Costa Mesa Freeway shaved more houses off their plan as a compromise to overcome the protests of neighbors.

The Hearthstone Development Corp., which originally wanted to put 61 homes on the triangular, 12-acre lot, reduced the number of houses to 41 after a three-hour public hearing before the City Council this week.

The lot is bordered by Taft Avenue on the north, the freeway on the west and Morningside Street on the east.

Hundreds of neighbors said they feared a drop in property values because the new subdivision called for too many homes.

Some council members also urged the developer to line up the proposed lots facing Morningside so all the yards would be the same size.

The council members unanimously approved the project after Hearthstone representatives agreed to reduce the number of homes, which they expect to sell for about $200,000.

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