Valley Cityhood

* Re "Civic Jabberwocky," March 8.

Once again, The Times has cast its shadow on the dark side of the movement to form a new city in the San Fernando Valley. If there is a negative angle to be found, The Times manages to seek it out.

As part of the process of investigating Valley cityhood, we discovered that current state law requires that the initial government be formed with five city council members. The Times does properly state that a quick expansion to nine council members is available. Then every negative interpretation of the options is taken.

We have adequate time to seek alteration to the state law. We feel that once the legislature sees the possibility of a new city in the Valley [its members] will act responsibly, as they have in the past, and make needed changes to the current statute. If we get to the point that Valley cityhood is a viable choice of the residents, we will be ready with a city charter for the Valley. The difference is our city charter will not be compromised by entrenched power brokers, bureaucrats and union bosses.

The Times should have spent as much effort over the past 20 years investigating the Los Angeles city government as it has trying to malign our attempt to give autonomy to the residents of the Valley. If they had, we might not have the waste, mismanagement and non-responsive government we all now suffer.


Treasurer, Valley VOTE

Studio City

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