Starr on McDougal

Re "Whitewater Witness James McDougal Dies," March 9:

In death, James McDougal has provided the American people with a greater service than he could ever perform in life. McDougal was a convicted thief; he swindled millions from the government and was an admitted liar (either he lied to protect the president, or more probably, he lied to get a reduced sentence after he was convicted). Now his death has prompted Kenneth Starr to describe McDougal as a "true Southern gentleman."

Thank you, James McDougal, for showing us what Starr really thinks of us. Susan McDougal refused to lie for Starr and went to jail; the "gentleman" faced 85 years in jail for his crimes, but probably would have spent less time in jail than his ex-wife, for saying what Starr wanted to hear.


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