Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* What happens when the smog clears in Los Angeles? "UCLA." (Tom Nguyen, 9, Fountain Valley, James H. Cox Crusaders)

* Why was the freeway sticky? Traffic jam. (Mike Lieberman, 12, Agoura Hills, Lindero Canyon Middle School)

* What do you get if you cross a telephone with a fat football player? A wide receiver. (Daniel McGoldrick, 9, Lawndale, William Green School)

* Why did the policeman hire the book? Because he worked undercover. (David Lieberman, 7, Camarillo, Santa Rosa Elementary)

* What do you call a lazy bison? A buffa-loafer. (Alyson Ramirez, 6, San Diego, Maria Montessori Elementary)

* Why did the student swallow his books? He wanted to digest the homework. (Todd Sheerin, 8, Beverly Hills, Beverly Vista School)


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