A Touch of Glass

The play of color and light distinguish the latest pieces in the Salviati Venetian handblown glass collection.

Melding the tradition of Venetian glass blowing with contemporary, organic stylings gives these candleholders and vases a natural elegance.

Small vases and bowls in the Colonnino group have classical forms, but they are updated with a soft, pastel palette outside and vibrant color inside.

The votive candleholders in the Ciottoli group are reminiscent of a gathering of river stones. Softly lit, their pastel hues suggest they have been collected from a more illusory landscape.

There are five styles of vases and bowls ($160-$270) in the Colonnino collection; Ciottoli candleholders are $80.

For the nearest retailer, call Salviati's New York showroom at (212) 725-4361.

Pillow Talk

Do allergies keep you from getting a good night's sleep?

If so, consider laying your head on a Purity pillow, which is designed to reduce the amount of dust mites and other allergens through an antimicrobial agent in the filling.

Ordinary pillows contain contaminants such as mold spores, animal dander and fungi, which can cause the immune system to work overtime to fend them off.

The Purity pillow stays free of allergens because of thousands of ventilated beads containing Tricolsan. Tricolsan is permanently embedded in plastic beads during the manufacturing process, and it will not wash or wear off, the company reports. The beads have a hollow design, letting air through and preventing a buildup of moisture, which could attract dust mites.

The Purity pillow has a mesh case, so you can give it the height and firmness you want.

For more information or to order, call One Source Worldwide Network at (888) 269-6656.

Cottage Charm

Get away without having to leave home using decorating techniques from Better Homes and Gardens' latest book, "Cottage Style."

This style is not so much a look as a feeling of casual, stress-free living. The emphasis of this book (Meredith Books, 216 pages, $30) is on creating such ambience while incorporating your own style. Denise Caringer, the book's editor, helps you incorporate the style, one element at a time.

Readers learn to coordinate elements such as fabric, furniture and color to create a retreat.

The first half of the book breaks down each part of a room. The second half is dedicated to developing the personal character of individual rooms.

The book has color photographs to guide you and a description of a variety of rooms in styles from beach house to basic farm, from gothic romance to rustic.

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