Detweiler Resigns as Head of Cal State Dominguez Hills

After nine years at the helm of Cal State Dominguez Hills, President Robert Detweiler announced Friday that he plans to resign effective June 30.

Detweiler, 59, began his career with the Cal State system as a history teacher 30 years ago. He plans to return to the classroom as a trustee professor at one of the system's schools. A national search for his replacement is scheduled to begin shortly.

During Detweiler's presidency, enrollment has increased and several state-of-the-art programs have been launched. But over the last year the campus has been mired in controversy, with personnel problems and a budget shortfall that required the university to borrow $441,000 from Cal State Fullerton.

Detweiler acknowledged that the last year has been difficult, but said his decision is based more on timing.

"This is a good time for me to leave," Detweiler said. "I've accomplished about as much as I think I can, and I'm getting tired. We've made a great deal of progress at this university, and I'm feeling very positive about leaving."

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