Debating a Prez-ing Issue

This conversation, prompted by Anita Hill's interview last week on ABC's "Good Morning America," was taken from the Web Chat Broadcasting System-Political chat room.


Rod48: Anita Hill, who accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment when he was nominated to the Supreme Court in 1991, said she could understand how Mrs. [Kathleen E.] Willey could continue a cordial relationship with Clinton after the alleged incident. Hill, who remained in contact with Thomas after his alleged harassment, said, "I think that perhaps she might be able to separate her feelings about him as a president."

Goody1: I feel Anita Hill lied. To compare the two is like apples and oranges. The Hill case was proven to be false. Just as the case against Clinton will be proven to be true.

LittleSputnik: Anita Hill passed a polygraph test; Clarence Thomas wouldn't take one. Duh.

Goody1: a polygraph is not 100% positive proof. However, it is correct over 90% of the time. Pretty good odds if you are innocent. Apparently Hill had faith in her ability to pass. Now why do you suppose Thomas didn't believe he could pass one?

Gods Prophet: does it really matter what the president does? it will not affect the man on the street, unless he resigns and the market falls a little, but it would rebound, Gore would be environmentally friendly, just think of all the wet lands that would be saved if he became president. the everglades would have no fear of Disney.

Robjak: Willey said he accosted her. Jones said he accosted her. That is my evidence that he accosts women.

Qlsd: What do you expect? Clinton every single day has to battle questions, private questions, about what he does in bed. Don't you think that would affect a man's job too?

ponapei: Clinton is but a blip in history and will pass from the scene but these airheads who have made a career out of discussing his penis will still be running through the checkout aisles with tabloids looking for their next thrill.

IQ252: Robjak: you have attacked Clinton personally haven't you? You don't seem to attack his policies very often... Damn, correlation's blow, huh? Must hurt to have your own standards applied to you. Do most of you feel this way because you are Republicans?

NANA: I'm amazed that Anita Hill is being rehabilitated by the right wingers! RLOL!

DoraFr: personally I found both hill & willey to be credible... but the same questions exist about both, ie why they continued to maintain contact with someone who supposedly harassed them... I think it is hypocritical to disbelieve a woman merely because she happens to be accusing someone who agrees with your politics...

PaleRider: ..everything you see on the media is staged . . . from all sides . . . so you think only the White House lawyers can go to the media to tell their story?? . . . remember now that unlike Willey . . . [Robert] Bennett and [Donald] Kendall are polished at this art

Rod48: In a related development, Willey received support from a leading feminist. "Perhaps we need to redefine what a good president is, what a good man is," Patricia Ireland of the National Organization for Women said on the Today show.

PaleRider: If you will recall though Hill was not believed by Democrats either during the hearings . . . myself I noted involuntary signals from Anita during her testimony that led me to believe she was not telling the truth . . . and that was the basis for me not finding her credible . . . you know I am not part of the GOP

LittleSputnik: I care if the Prez is having reckless sex, I just recognize the fact that it is probably none of my business. On the other hand, taking someone's hand and putting it on his genitalia is another matter all together. The second is nonconsensual.

commie babe: certainly seems as though ol' bill is shaken out of his no-comment stance, eh?? does he fear that willey's interview, made on television's highest-rated public affairs show, could produce a new and damaging turn in public opinions?

Allfie: I do believe that the Pres. of this country ought to have better morals than BC . . . but that in NO WAY negates the job he has done . . . and IF Lott is right . . . just think what could've been done had the SC allowed for that trial to wait till the end of this term . . . In anti case. Clinton has gone along with most of the republican programs . . . what more do you guys want . . . ?????

bob1199: I have reached the conclusion that the President of the United States serves at the pleasure of the citizens and essentially cannot be removed from office without the consent of the people!! (thru their representatives)

Copper120: Anita Hill says it's perfectly understandable why Willey would maintain a relationship with the Prez after being sexually assaulted. Feel better now that Anita has explained it to you? Other experts on womens abuse issues say the same thing. I told you so yesterday, but you ignored it.

moreno152: Those scandals with the bourgeoise's democracies around the world as in the democratc party in US or royal family in Britain or even our politicians in Latin Ameica, enhance my faith in a kind of direct or popular democracy !!!

--Compiled by AARON DAVIS

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