What went through North Carolina forward Vince Carter's mind on his way to a spectacular first-half dunk in Saturday's 75-64 victory over Connecticut in the East Regional final?

"I knocked the ball out of someone's hands and took off, and I started smiling because of what I was thinking in my head. I thought maybe I should just do a layup, but I might get booed," Carter said.

"I started to get fancy with it, and then I thought, nah, I'll just do a 360."

Just a 360?

"They told me I didn't do it the right way," he said. "Usually, you go to your left."

Someone asked Guthridge what he thought.

"I've shown Vince a lot of films of when I played," Guthridge said. "I did it the right way."


Connecticut's Richard Hamilton and Khalid El-Amin combined to score 183 of their team's 315 points in the NCAA tournament. El-Amin set a UConn freshman record with 593 points. . . . North Carolina's Antawn Jamison has a double-double in five consecutive games, the first Tar Heel to do that since Sam Perkins in 1984.

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