Versailles Comes to Mississippi

Forget New York, Washington and Los Angeles. The next blockbuster cultural exhibit is headed for . . . Mississippi. And that will be its only U.S. venue.

"Splendours of Versailles," with nearly 150 objects from France's most famous palace, opens Wednesday at the Mississippi Arts Pavilion in Jackson, Miss. The largest Versailles exhibit ever exported, it includes jewels, sculpture, tapestries, porcelain and furniture from the rambling, baroque masterpiece erected by King Louis XIV (1638-1715).

Among the highlights are "The Creation of the World" clock, a re-creation of the king's bedchamber and a 12 1/2-foot-high replica of Bernini's equestrian statue of the king.

Admission is $15 per adult, $14 seniors age 60 and over, and $5 infants through age 18. The exhibit runs through Aug. 31. Timed and dated advance tickets are recommended. Individual tickets are through Ticketmaster, telephone (800) 409-9959 ($2 service charge per ticket plus $2.50 per order). For group sales or more information, call (888) 255-2552.

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