Girl’s Call to 911 Brings Recognition

Anaheim firefighters were so impressed with the way 9-year-old Jacquelyn DeAngelis handled calling 911 to get medical care for her mother that they recently gave her a commendation.

“She was a perfect example of how the 911 system is supposed to work,” Fire Capt. John Strickland said. “When we pulled on scene for the call, she was standing on the curb, waving us down and talking with the communications center on a portable phone.”

Strickland and his crew gave Jacquelyn a certificate for her excellent performance during a March 24 presentation before her classmates at Horace Mann Elementary School.

The firefighters recognized Jacquelyn as a role model and explained to the children how to use the emergency calling system like she did.


When Jacquelyn arrived home from school March 13, her mother, Lolaine, 33, was experiencing chest pains, shortness of breath and could not speak.

The fourth-grader called 911 and not only told fire officials her mother’s symptoms, but remained calm. Her mother was taken to the hospital and treated for an inflammatory infection in her lungs and ribs and is recovering.

“I feel really proud of myself,” Jacquelyn said of her efforts.

Lolaine DeAngelis also is proud of her daughter: “When she walked in the door she wanted to panic, but she kept calm and listened. She did a really great job.”