Sinatra’s Will Leaves $3.5 Million to Widow

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The day after his celebrity-studded funeral, attorneys for Frank Sinatra’s estate filed a copy of his will for probate in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The document contained few surprises, with Sinatra leaving most of his assets to his wife and children and demanding that anyone who contests his will be disinherited.

Sinatra, who died a week ago at the age of 82, wrote language into the 1991 document guaranteeing that his wife of 22 years, Barbara Marx Sinatra, receive at least $3.5 million.


He left her three homes near Palm Springs, as well as houses in Beverly Hills and Malibu, according to a 30-page document submitted by co-executors Harvey Silbert and Eliot Weisman.

The entertainer also left his wife all the silverware, books and paintings in the homes, 25% of his other personal property and a Mercedes-Benz and Rolls-Royce. She also received the “Trilogy” master recordings and all related rights and royalties, as well as the right to market his name and likeness.

The entertainer gave a $250,000 cash bequest to his first wife, Nancy Barbato Sinatra. The couple’s three children--Nancy Sinatra Lambert, Francis Wayne Sinatra and Christina Sinatra--also received cash bequests of $200,000 apiece, in addition to their existing trust funds.

He left his sheet music to his son.

Sinatra’s will covered only a portion of his wealth, his attorneys have said. Much of his estate was left in a living trust.

Sinatra also gave $1 million to a trust fund established in 1983 for his granddaughters, Angela Jenifer Lambert and Amanda Katherine Lambert.

Barbara Sinatra’s son, Robert Oliver Marx, received a $100,000 cash bequest.

Sinatra’s wife and children share in dividing his clothes, train collections, furniture and other property.


Sinatra also made cash gifts to special friends and former employees. His former personal assistant, Dorothy Uhlemann of North Hollywood, was bequeathed $50,000, while Elvina Joubert of Cathedral City was bequeathed $150,000. Sinatra also had intended at one time to leave $100,000 to longtime friend Jilly Rizzo, but Rizzo predeceased Sinatra.