Berman-Godinez Race for Congress

Re “Godinez’s Bid for Berman Seat a Study in Contrasts,” May 17.

[Howard] Berman’s comment that the community supports him because of what he is doing for the district does not ring true. If Berman ever drove down Van Nuys Boulevard or Woodman Avenue, he should be embarrassed by the blight and empty storefronts. . . . Maybe Berman should have kept his residence in Washington . . . . Since moving to Sherman Oaks and now to Valley Village, the district has continued to deteriorate.

Another example is the Burbank Airport. When it was in his district, he did nothing to alleviate the noise problem. Now that it is in James Rogan’s district, Berman wants to get the Federal Aviation Administration involved to mediate the expansion stalemate. Since 1992, the Van Nuys Airport has been in the 26th District. Berman should be putting his time into solving the noise and enlargement of that airport rather than an airport in someone else’s district.

We need a representative for the 26th District whose first and only priority will be to improve the residents’ quality of life. Berman had 16 years to meet the challenge and he hasn’t made the grade. Let’s give someone else the opportunity. It’s time for a change.


BILL GLASS, Sherman Oaks


Congratulations on a well-written, objective and balanced account of this political race.

As a registered voter and long-time resident of this district, I have made a decision to support Mayor Raul Godinez on June 2. I and most members of my politically active extended family all agree that it is time for a change. This David will triumph over Goliath again.