Through The Years

Scores from the rivalry through the 1980s:

1980--UCLA, 20-17

1981--USC, 22-21

1982--UCLA, 20-19


1983--UCLA, 27-17

1984--UCLA, 29-10

1985--USC, 17-13

1986--UCLA, 45-25


1987--USC, 17-13

1988--USC, 31-22

1989--Tied, 10-10



1988--USC 31, UCLA 22

Rodney Peete, playing despite having measles, passed for 189 yards and one touchdown for the second-ranked Trojans. No. 6 Bruins, led by Troy Aikman (317 yards, two touchdowns), scored late to make the score close.

Trivia Time

1. Which UCLA player intercepted USC quarterback Rob Johnson’s pass from the Bruins’ three-yard line to preserve UCLA’s 27-21 victory in 1993?


2. UCLA set a conference record of eight fumbles lost against USC in 1975. Which school won the game?

3. In 1955, a USC running back returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, but it was nullified because the Trojans were offsides. Who was the back?

4. Who caught a tipped pass from UCLA quarterback Jay Schroeder on a 58-yard touchdown with 2:07 to play in the 1980 game?

5. Who scored the only touchdown against UCLA in the 1947 game that enabled USC to clinch the conference championship and go to the Rose Bowl?


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Trivia Answers

2. UCLA, 25-22.

3. Jon Arnett. The Bruins won, 17-7.


4. Freeman McNeil. The Bruins beat the Trojans, 20-17.

5. Jack Kirby, on a pass from Jim Powers as the Trojans won, 6-0.

Research: HOUSTON MITCHELL/ Los Angeles Times

Trivia: MAL FLORENCE / For The Times