Israel Blasts S. Lebanon After Killings

From Reuters

Israeli warplanes and artillery blasted suspected guerrilla targets in southern Lebanon on Sunday, security sources said, as Israel reviewed its military presence in the area after suffering mounting casualties.

The sources said two planes fired rockets at suspected positions of the pro-Iranian Hezbollah and Syrian-backed Amal guerrillas near Israel’s 9-mile-deep southern Lebanon occupation zone.

There were no immediate reports of casualties in the raid, the most recent escalation of violence on the last active Arab-Israeli front line.

Security sources said Israeli forces had shelled other areas during the weekend.


The attacks heightened fears that Israel would launch a large-scale bombardment campaign against military and civilian targets in Lebanon to avenge the killings of seven soldiers by Hezbollah in less than two weeks.

Prompted by the mounting death toll, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday held a top-level review of his government’s Lebanon strategy.