Brothers Planning Roller Hockey League

Two brothers who started a roller hockey program in Calabasas plan to bring the sport to Moorpark.

Walter and Ned Collins, who head the nonprofit Tri-Valley Roller Hockey League, received permission from the City Council on Wednesday to use a concrete area at Arroyo Vista Community Park for a hockey program.

"What makes it attractive to us is we can get a quality program without having to spend additional city dollars," said Mary Lindley, the city's director of community service. "It will generate more interest for roller hockey in Moorpark."

The group operates a roller hockey program at Juan Bautista de Anza Community Park in Calabasas that typically averages more than 400 players.

The year-round program in Moorpark would accept players of all ages and skills. It would cost $135 per season per person, plus an additional $25 annually for insurance, Lindley said. The brothers planned to start the program in October, but that date may be pushed back while they negotiate a license agreement with the city.

Before beginning the program, the group plans to make improvements to the 100- by 200-foot cement slab at Arroyo Vista, including adding a fence and seating.

The group will pay city licensing fees once it recoups the money spent on the improvements.

The concrete area is now used for a skateboard ramp twice a week. The new roller hockey program would use the court the other five days after 4 p.m. The city's current roller hockey program, which has attracted between 21 and 75 participants since it began two years ago, will no longer be offered.

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