15-Year Wait Pays Off for Lottery Winner

Every Sunday morning for the past 15 years, Cindy McGaughey has been the first in line at the Car Wash at Sunny Hills in Fullerton. She's the first one to grab a cup of coffee and a freshly made waffle.

And she never forgets to buy a lottery ticket--always a $5 Quick Pick.

After all these years, her lottery ritual finally paid off. Last week, McGaughey, 48, won a jackpot of $4 million.

"It was just incredible," the Yorba Linda resident said.

McGaughey said she plans to buy a new car for her parents. She will pay off the hefty student loans of her son, who went through law school.

"I get to pay back all the people who have done so much for me in my life," she said.

Of course, she'll save some of it for herself, starting with a new car.

McGaughey said she will keep her job working for the state, and she'll still be the first one in line at the carwash on Sundays.

McGaughey said she'll even keep buying Super Lotto tickets. "I went and bought a ticket on Sunday, and they told me, 'We always say good luck, but you've already had yours.' "

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