'In & Out'

Thought up by producer Scott Rudin after Tom Hanks' public thanking of a gay teacher when he won best actor for "Philadelphia," this 1997 hit is a comedy of the moment with laughs that last far into the night. Kevin Kline (pictured), who stars as the dazed and confused Brackett, has rarely had a film role that made such fine use of his remarkable gift for the physical side of farce. With moves that Jim Carrey might envy, Kline is just so as the teacher who has his world turned inside out and then outside in by a former student's chance remark. Brackett is just about to be married (to Joan Cusack, pictured) when Cameron Drake (Matt Dillon doing a shrewd Brad Pitt imitation) speaks up on Oscar night and Greenleaf goes into shock and searches for explanations. Among the reporters in the ensuing media blitz is Tom Selleck's Peter Malloy, who has a secret agenda that more than unnerves Brackett (HBO Saturday at 8 p.m.; Sunday at 4:40 a.m.).

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