Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* What do clowns eat with their sandwiches? Dill tickles. (Emma Zornes, 5, Hillsborough, Hillsborough West School)

* What do you call a bag full of slime? A gross-ery bag. (Dyrio Civon, 6, La Can~ada Flintridge, Paradise Canyon Elementary.

* What word becomes shorter when you add two letters? Short. (Ethan Ludmir, 8, Sherman Oaks, Carpenter Elementary)

* What color is a baby ghost? Baby boo. (Rachel Olguin, 7, Arcadia, Holly Avenue Elementary)

* What part of a turkey is also a musical instrument? A drumstick. (Sami Rekoon, 5, Newport Coast, Lincoln Elementary School)

* What does the elephant do when he breaks his toe? Calls the toe truck. (Lia Sanderson, 8, Huntington Beach, Kettler Elementary School)

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