"Being nominated means nothing."

--Garry Shandling, after his "Larry Sanders Show" won its first writing for a comedy series Emmy.


"I just think it's very nice for our industry and for our country as a whole that in 1998 an award in comedy writing can be won by a Gentile, and I thank you."

--Peter Tolan, who shared the Emmy with Shandling.


"This is for all the fat girls!"

--Camryn Manheim, accepting the Emmy for her supporting drama role on "The Practice."


"No one should ever complain that the Oscars are the longest show on television ever again."

--Billy Crystal, winning his second Emmy for hosting "The 70th Annual Academy Awards".


"My name's Julia, and I'm unemployed."

--Julia Louis-Dreyfus before presenting an award..


"Just you remember, missy: I've been unemployed a lot longer than you have."

--Mary Tyler Moore to Louis-Dreyfus.

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