Room enough for kids and cats

It was a whirlwind adventure for Bobby and Shannon Kimbrell.

The couple fell in love with a house, made an offer in five days and moved in a month later. Now, home is a a four-bedroom house in Garden Grove.

"We're just sitting here in awe over the whole thing," Shannon said.

Shannon, 39, who works at the U.S. Postal Service, and Bobby, 38, an accountant supervisor for Southern California Edison, had thought about moving from their two-bedroom condo in Stanton, but had only began to search when things clicked into place.

With the help of friends and real estate agents, they found a house right away--and right near their $210,000 price goal.

Their children, Bobby, 10, and Jessica, 7, don't have to share a bedroom, and their three cats have plenty of yard space to roam.

"I thought the walls were closing in on me at the condo," Shannon said. "This is heaven."

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