Barneys New York Offer Is Tailor-Made to Please

Hey, guys, want a leaner torso? Wider shoulders? Tighter buns?

Forget the gym, then. We're talking tailored clothing here, buddy--as in getting fitted.

Until the end of the month, Barneys New York will try to make your clothes--from suits to sport coats to shirts--look as chiseled as the garments on runway guys with the store's made-to-measure offer of free tailoring.

For starters, all you need is $725--cash or plastic (the minimum purchase for the royal treatment). Then reps from menswear biggies Hickey Freeman, Giorgio Armani, Vestimenta, Hugo Boss, H. Huntsman & Son and Battistoni will take over.

Armed with bolts of the finest Italian fabrics--and the martini of your choice, as many as you please--the tailors will stay late, come early or show up at your office for a personal consultation and any detail you want from extra shoulder padding to Hollywood pockets to hot pink lining.

For more information call the Beverly Hills Barneys, 9570 Wilshire Blvd., at (310) 276-4400.

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