Starr Report

The continued vicious attacks by the Republicans, Kenneth Starr and the media against President Clinton resemble a bunch of hungry jackals going after a wounded lion.

But to the frustration and embarrassment of these money-hungry pundits most Americans have responded by supporting their president because they know that his enemies are theirs.


Los Angeles


Airing of the Clinton videotapes was criticized because of their explicit sexual content. Actually, it was the example that the tapes set that was despicable. Humans pretty much live by "monkey see, monkey do." Humans already know how to lie very well. But we just got a lesson in how to advance our skills. How to not bite our lip or tip off we're lying by our body language. I'm afraid we are entering an age of non-accountability, fashioned by the example of our political leaders. Particularly disturbing is the notion that if an action did not break the law there should be no consequences. Next time, don't elect a lawyer for president.


San Dimas

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