Governor OKs Expanded Summer School Program

Gov. Pete Wilson signed a bill Tuesday allowing Compton Unified School District to double the number of students in its extended school year program--a summer school that provides instruction for pupils who are below grade level in math or English.

The bill reimburses the district for last summer's expanded program, which included 4,000 students. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Teresa Hughes (D-Inglewood), approves funding for the 8-week program until 2000, when a review must be conducted, said Felice Tanenbaum, an education consultant to Hughes.

The district's extended year program operated as a pilot project during the summers of 1996 and 1997 and included students from kindergarten through fifth grade at three of Compton's lowest performing schools.

Hughes' bill provides funding to expand the program to include sixth through 12th grade and an additional 11 schools, said Ward, the district's state administrator.

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