Comcast to Offer New 2-Tier Rate Structure in Fall

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Comcast Cablevision’s plans for a new rate structure and upgrades to its system are proceeding on schedule, company officials say.

“It’s very much on track,” said John Jackson, Comcast’s general manager.

By Oct. 1, Comcast plans to split its service into a two-tiered subscription system. All cable subscribers will receive the basic 20 channels, or “lifeline” service, while those who want an additional 23 channels would pay extra.

“Right now you have to take all 43,” said Joe Hreha, the city’s deputy director of community services.


Before Oct. 1, cable subscribers will receive mailers explaining the new channel lineups, Jackson said.

Some residents and the City Council have accused Comcast of failing to provide flexible channel packages and charging too much for its service. The new split-tier system will allow those who want fewer channels to pay less for them, Hreha said. The basic package of 20 channels will cost about $14, about half of what the 43-channel package costs now, he said.