School Officials Weigh Uniforms


Concerns over safety and security issues in the Westminster School District have prompted school officials to consider a mandatory uniform policy for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

A September survey of parents showed 73% of those responding favored mandatory uniforms.

Parents commenting on the policy said uniforms would help with safety and security, show respect for the school and save money.

Those in favor point to baggy clothing as a method to hide weapons and items such as spray paint cans. Easier identification of those not belonging on campus was another reason for support, district spokesperson Trish Cannady said.


Families responded in higher numbers than typical for district surveys, Cannady said. There was a 42% response from the district’s 7,315 families.

The implementation of a policy could come to a board vote at the district’s Jan. 6 meeting. Should a vote at that meeting not be made, it would probably take place at the Jan. 20 board meeting, Cannady said. In order for implementation by the 2000-2001 school year, district policy requires six months’ notice to parents.

Some of the 27% opposed to the uniform policy raised concerns about freedom of choice and uniform expense, the survey showed.

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