The city’s computer guru said he’s ready for Y2K.

“We’ve upgraded almost everything,” said Richard Kirkbride, who has been Costa Mesa’s information services manager since March. “All stoplights, utilities, services, fire stations; you name it, we’ve done it.”

Kirkbride and his predecessor, Gerald Verewolf, also prepared contingency plans if phone lines and sewer lines go out.

A local group of ham radio operators will stand by and see if their communications are needed. The sanitary district bought new pumps that will keep on pumping, even if city computer networks go down. And several city staff members, including Kirkbride, will be standing by in case their computer expertise is needed.


But all in all, Kirkbride said he doesn’t expect anything too dramatic to happen New Year’s Eve.

“We expect it will be far less than the press has made it sound,” he said.