A Working Holiday for Officials


Los Alamitos officials who will ring in the new millennium together say they will be doing so with a bit of city spirit at City Hall.

City Manager Robert C. Dominguez said they will be ready to tackle any problems should they arise and that barricades have been set up at key intersections in case of power failure. A large portable generator was delivered several days ago, he added.

David Lepo, community development director, Gerard Goedhart, assistant city manager, Dave Cox, public works superintendent, and Dominguez will spend the evening at City Hall, monitoring events and sharing food, delivered by Katella Deli. Although City Hall will not be open, the phone will be answered if it rings.

The group will watch television, listen to the radio and keep in close contact with the police department next door.


“We want to be here in case something happens with the honest hope that nothing does,” Dominguez said.

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