Sympathy for ‘Deadbeat Dad’

* Re “Dad Who Owes Child Support Tracked to N.J.; Extradition Set” (Feb. 19):

I was totally flabbergasted at the monthly amount this “deadbeat dad” is required to pay in child support.

His monthly child support was quoted as $1,354. I was under the impression that having a child was a responsibility of both parents, mother and father.

So, if this logic is correct, it cost $2,700 a month to raise one child. Entire families can function on less than that in one month.


I do not condone avoiding responsibility of paying child support, but with such a biased Family Court system, sticking the financial burden on the father, I can sympathize and understand the feelings of fathers who are not able to see their kids, but still have to foot the bills for the mother.


Huntington Beach