Is Rupert Murdoch Meddling Where He Doesn’t Belong?

As a recent arrival from the U.K., I was amused to see Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times of London described as “prestigious” (“Rupert Murdoch Conquers L.A.,” by James Bates, Jan. 31). It might have been so once, but it certainly isn’t anymore, as any Brit will tell you. I hope your editors--or owners, shareholders or whoever--will ignore his advice to make the Los Angeles Times more parochial.

Catherine Atherton



Mike Piazza is not, as Murdoch said, “that guy who asked for 20 million bucks a year.” He’s a ballplayer with an exemplary work ethic who wanted to get what he was worth. Jim Murray called him “the soul of the Dodgers.” Murdoch sold our soul.

Dodger Stadium is a source of community pride not because it’s ultra-modern, which it’s not, but because its idyllic vistas and its ad-free outfield walls have made it the crown jewel of major league ballparks. It needs no remodeling.

Murdoch is free to buy up all the oil wells and real estate he can. But film studios, publishing houses and newspapers, at their best, are foundations of ideas and ideals, and a baseball team is the source of the happiest of times and dearest of memories. Murdoch doesn’t deserve to be associated with anything connected with caring, respect or passion.

Go make your money, Rupert, but stay away from the things we love.


Sherry Falk



Murdoch’s wealth and vast empire are certainly amazing. Yet I was more impressed to read that, among his current and former executives, “none could recall an incident in which he yelled at a subordinate.”

Crass behavior seems to be acceptable in today’s business world (it’s certainly the norm where I work), so it’s reassuring to know that one still can achieve success while being “unfailingly polite.”

P. J. Haynes

Santa Monica


Murdoch has built part of his fortune on the backs of the people of Los Angeles. He, in turn, has a responsibility to us. Where are the Murdoch Grants to Education, the Murdoch Parks or the Murdoch Wings in museums?

M. Varah

Los Angeles