Israel Kills Hezbollah Bomb Expert

<i> From Reuters</i>

Israel said Friday that it killed a Hezbollah explosives expert in southern Lebanon earlier in the week.

Israeli Army Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz said the Israeli army on Tuesday “caused the death of a Hezbollah explosives expert northeast of Baalbek, which is [62 miles] from the border with Israel.”

He identified the man as Zahi Naim Hadr Ahmed Mahabi, but he gave no further details.

Mofaz said the action was part of a concerted effort to wipe out the ability of the pro-Iranian Hezbollah group to attack Israeli soldiers operating in Israel’s self-imposed southern Lebanon occupation zone.

During 1998, 21 Israeli soldiers were killed in southern Lebanon.


On Thursday, Israel’s Cabinet reaffirmed its policy of retaliating for rocket attacks on its northern frontier by Lebanese guerrilla groups.

Dozens of rockets were fired at Israel last week by Hezbollah guerrillas, wounding 16 residents of northern Israel, a day after a Lebanese woman and six of her children were killed in a botched Israeli air raid.