Senior Drivers

How proud he was--age 96 and given a four-year driver's license renewal. With a twinkle in his eye, he told of the DMV tester assisting him to get the answers right on his test and that no, there was no driving test! Picture this 5-foot, 4-inch man driving, you guessed it, a 1978 Cadillac. At age 98 his license was revoked after he caused a property-damage accident. Our family was lucky, as there was no personal injury. SB 335 is needed.

Another benefit to SB 335 is the relief it will afford to families who have an inept driver who they cannot get off the road. We tried, but the DMV approved his driving. We had no leverage.

I wish to commend Mark Mitock and his family for turning their loss into positive action. Losing one's child is the most devastating of life situations.


Thousand Oaks

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