A Driving Desire to Create Fun Furniture

Looking for some racy items for the home? The architecture-interior design team of Chambers & Murray has rallied around the NASCAR theme to create a new home design product line.

"These are the first custom-designed, high-end pieces we've done," says Tommy Chambers. "We chose NASCAR because young people are going to stock car races more than they have since the 1960s."

According to Sports Illustrated, racing fans' incomes and education levels are up, perhaps due to Tom Cruise's "Days of Thunder" and the emergence of superstar driver Jeff Gordon. With that in mind, Chambers & Murray upholstered Louis XV-like chairs in a racing theme, put a glass top on stacked tires for an end table and designed sporty throw pillows.

"It's macho world meets feminine interior," says Chambers. Or, perhaps, good ol' boy visits Versailles. Prices range from $135 for a pillow to $1,250 for an armchair. The products may be seen in the firm's windows at 6610 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles.

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