Traveler's Notes . . .


Qantas plans to offer the first nonstop flights between LAX and Melbourne, Australia, starting Oct. 31. Round-trip fares start at $1,248; an introductory deal includes five nights' hotel in that price. Reservations: (800) 227-4500. . . . Miss the chance to visit Princess Diana's burial site last year? Ticket sales have slowed at Althorp Park, 60 miles from London. As of last week, there were still tickets (about $16) for this season, which ends Aug. 30. Call 011-44-1604-592-020. . . . Tokyo-based Nikko Travel will offer tours for smokers starting in September, a Japanese newspaper reported. Guests will fly on Malaysia Airlines and Italy's Alitalia, which still allow smoking, to Los Angeles, Milan, Cairo or Shanghai, and then visit restaurants (good luck in Los Angeles!) and other places that allow them to indulge their habit.

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