Welcome to the Online Drive-In

There aren't many drive-in movie theaters still open these days, but the B-Movie Web site is offering a new "Drive-In Live" club that lets cinephile Net surfers re-create the experience at home.

The club lets subscribers watch B-movies like "Bad Magic," "Screaming for Sanity" and "Vampire Lust" on a computer screen.

For a $19.95 monthly membership, subscribers to Drive-In Live may watch up to six films a month. All films are available in the RealVideo format; club members who don't have RealVideo can download it for free from the site.

Subscribers also receive a free video each month from Salt City Home Video, which runs the B-movie site. The company, located in Syracuse, N.Y., produces and distributes ultra-low-budget flicks--films so bad they're good.

For those who prefer not to sign up for a membership but who would still like to watch B-movies, Drive-In Live will soon allow nonmembers to view films online for a one-time fee.

At http://www.b-movie.com/movies/drivein.

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