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What can you keep in Aleene's Bug Box? If you're not into bugs, you can store stickers, jewelry, candy, hair accessories or other small treasures. Emily Boone, 5, of Glendale demonstrates.

Materials: (all prices approximate)

Aleene's BoxMaker ($19.99)

Aleene's BoxBlanks ($2.99) or poster board (white or colored)

Aleene's Instant Stick & Hold for Kids ($3.79)

Aleene's crepe paper ($1.99)

Aleene's Tacky Glue (4 ounces, $2.19)


Colored wire



Sources: Aleene's products are available at large craft retailers or through its Web site, http://www.aleenes.com. For a catalog, call (800) 825-3363.

Step 1: Score the poster board according to the instructions on the BoxMaker. The size of the finished box will determine how much poster board you will need. Depending on what color you want the box, you can start with colored poster board or use white board and paint it.

Step 2: Cut the board according to the instructions and fold on the score lines.

Step 3: After folding, glue the flaps together, creating the box.

Step 4: Apply crepe paper to the box board using the Instant Stick & Hold. Trace and cut out the ladybug's wings. Cut out the bug body from painted or colored poster board.

Step 5: Use two small pieces of wire to create antennae. Wrap the ends of the wire around a pencil to create curls. Use a small dab of Tacky Glue to adhere the antennae under head of the bug. Glue the bug body to the top of the box, then glue the wings on top of the body. If you want to give the wings some lift, score them down the middle and slightly fold them up before gluing.

Step 6: With the glue, outline the wings and make the ladybug's dots, then sprinkle with glitter. Let dry.

Step 7: Your ladybug box is ready to use!

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