Big Check, Big Stars as 'Shut' Opens

Before Tuesday evening's premiere screening of the late Stanley Kubrick's final film, "Eyes Wide Shut," Warner Bros. Co-Chairmen Bob Daly and Terry Semel presented a check for $100,000 to the Film Foundation to directors Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola and Sydney Pollack, who, along with Kubrick, Woody Allen, George Lucas and Robert Redford, in 1990 co-founded the foundation, which is dedicated to film preservation. Daly and Semel then whipped out their checkbooks and matched that amount for a total of $200,000 for the fund. (But the duo trumped even that move when they announced Thursday morning that they are resigning after almost 20 years of running the studio.)

Due in large part to the popularity of the film's stars--real-life couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman--the event drew a particularly starry crowd. Winona Ryder, Jodie Foster, Neve Campbell, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche, Cuba Gooding Jr., Salma Hayek, Val Kilmer, Chris Isaak and Cameron Crowe joined cast members Cruise, Kidman, wee redhead Madison Eginton (who plays the couple's daughter), Pollack and Thomas Gibson at Chasen's for a post-screening party that was catered by industry fave Along Came Mary.

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