Xircom Settles Lawsuit Over Internet Postings

Xircom Inc. in Thousand Oaks said it has settled a lawsuit filed in May against an anonymous person who posted three messages about the company on an Internet message board using the pseudonym "A View From Within."

Under the terms of the settlement, the identity of the person was revealed by his counsel to selected senior executives at Xircom under strict confidentiality requirements. Officials said the author of "A View From Within" is not now, nor was he at the time of his postings, a Xircom employee. They also said he is not an engineer and was never employed in that capacity.

The author said through his attorney that his postings were expressions of his opinion and he did not intend that any reader should believe they were statements of fact. Both parties to the lawsuit said they will make no further comments on the issue.

Xircom makes products to connect portable computer users to corporate networks, the Internet and other online resources.

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