The City Council voted 5 to 0 Monday to give staff a 180-day extension to come up with a plan to trim and replace the tall eucalyptus trees in Canyon Park; residents have complained the trees are blocking their views and cutting off ocean breezes.

In May, the council directed staff to come up with a phased tree-growth management plan. The council wanted to maintain the overall shade canopy in the park, but also directed staff to come up with a three- to 15-year plan to thin out the trees blocking views and replace some of the eucalyptus trees with California oak, sycamore and other native shade-providing canopy trees.

Part of the reason for the extension is that the California Coastal Commission has asked that a biological assessment be done to see what effect cutting some of the 3,000 trees in the park would have on wildlife. Time is also needed to adequately address residents' concerns about fire hazards and security.

Councilwoman Libby Cowan asked that a report be provided for a 12-month period. Cowan also asked staff to meet with neighbors informing them of the delay.

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