Matches Made in TV Heaven

TV trivia time:

Who were the first TV couple to share the same bed?

Ozzie and Harriet, who were allowed to do so by network censors only because they were husband and wife in real life.

Now, name the first unmarried actors to do so.

Mike and Carol Brady, of "The Brady Bunch."

And what was Gomez and Morticia Addams' claim to fame in the annals of TV family-dom?

"In our day, there was no married couple on television that [you'd believe] could have actually have had kids!" says John Astin, who played Gomez on the 1964-66 series.

"We were the first to make it clear that we actually were in love with each other--and not afraid to show it," said Astin, who, as Gomez, would dissolve into wild-eyed lust for his wife any time she spoke French. "It was a stroke for romance . . . as strange as these people may have appeared."

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