You're Not in Kansas . . .


If you seek courage, a heart or a brain, drop in on the "Wizard of Oz" exhibit at the Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park. But if what you're after is a good time, a short trek up Beach Boulevard to the Ozz nightclub is in order. This Ozz may not have an Emerald City or Munchkinland, but there are plenty of spirits--and an entertaining show of female impersonators.

The huge dance floor at Ozz remains perpetually full. Disc jockeys Rick and Brett keep the party going with hip-hop and house music, as well as salsa. There's usually a mob surrounding the dance floor. Perhaps they're waiting for a spot to open up.

Newcomers planning to dance should expect to be drenched in perspiration, because the jampacked room is a virtual sauna. Fog machines and strobe lights intensify the heat, yet each do their part to create the ultimate disco fever ambience.

It's easy to escape the heat, though, in the nightclub's other areas. There is plenty of action at the main bar, where drinks average $4, but a quiet lounge offers refuge from the masses. Also cool and comfortable is the game room, where there are pool tables and video games. Smokers have a fenced-off area outside the club. And two nights a week, a central bar caters to minors, serving only water, soda and smoothies.

On Fridays and Sundays, Ozz does welcome 18- to 20-year-olds but restricts them from entering the main bar and quiet lounge. On those days, patrons 21 and older are barred from consuming alcohol in minor-friendly zones, which keeps security personnel on their toes monitoring wristbands that distinguish minors from those of legal drinking age.

Gay pride is prevalent at Ozz, which operates as a restaurant and nightclub Thursday through Sunday. Although heterosexuals are in the minority, sexual orientation doesn't seem to get in the way of having fun. "I'm not gay, but I come to hang out with my gay friends," said Monica Lopez, 18, of Orange.

Ozz's Sunday night female impersonation show draws the biggest crowds, by far. The line wrapping around the building is proof. Host Raja, who stands 6 feet 3 before donning six-inch stilettos, is not only stunning, but also is one funny drag queen. The show also features performers Viva, Paulina, Bianca and occasional guests. For an hour, the entertainers lip-sync and dance while audience members slip them cash to show their appreciation.

Some might be offended by parts of the cabaret show. That said, those who find such fare entertaining can put on those ruby slippers and go to see the drag queens of Ozz.


Ozz, 6231 Manchester Blvd., Buena Park; (714) 552-1542. Thursdays through Sundays, noon -2 a.m. Cover: $6 21 and older; $7 ages 18-20 (Fridays and Sundays only).

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