Crashes May Represent Fear of Failure


Dear Cynthia: I dreamed I was at work, opened the door, and found myself in the middle of a dark forest. Hundreds of alien ships, like fighter planes, were falling from the sky, crashing and burning. Yet everyone around me was calm.

I'm usually the one who's in control of every situation. What is this dream trying to tell me?


Los Angeles

Dear Reader: The forest can represent your unconscious. "In the middle" of it, you are seeking answers from within, but it's dark--the way is not clear. From the sky (which represents the things you are aware of) come alien ships (foreign thoughts you now are able to see). All of this upsets you but others don't seem affected by the peril.

A crash in a dream can depict fear of failure. Since you say that you are usually the one in control, and since your dream begins at work, I wonder if there is something going on there causing stress. Ask yourself what's bombarding your peace of mind.

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