Does L.A. Have a Future?

Charles Lee Jackson II is a science-fiction cartoonist, editor and author. He's working on a novel about intergalactic wars in the 27th century.


"Within 150 years, people will leave Earth for plastic-domed cities on Mars. Experimental stations will be in orbit around Venus and the moons of Jupiter. Like the American West, there will be unlimited opportunity for wealth and riches. This mass immigration will help keep the population of cities like Los Angeles under control.

"A Hollywood preserve will be established. Hollywood Boulevard will be restored to the grandeur of the 1940s. It will incorporate the look of the '40s with the technology of the day. Smog will be a thing of the past. Cars will run either by electricity or on hydrogen.

"With the way tectonics work, I don't think an earthquake is going to wipe out Los Angeles any time soon. The subway under the Hollywood Hills will collapse. That's about it for the next couple centuries. It's really over the course of 20,000 or 30,000 years that you have to worry."

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