Blood Hounds

If you see a curious crowd hanging around the Heliotrope Theatre in Silver Lake late Saturday night, it's not because they're eager to visit the latest underground club--they've gathered to observe the scene of a crime. Many are regulars who come each week to watch as murder and mayhem unfold.

Ghoulish, you say? Oh no, it's theater and soap opera combined. Calendar Live! gets in on the action of "Crime Scene," a campy, rowdy and very raw sendup of murder-crime genres that keeps you coming back because it ends in a cliffhanger each week. Find out what has many Silver Lake hipsters hooked.

Fun in the Sun

Grab your board shorts and head for the beach. The International Surf Festival hits the beaches of Manhattan and Hermosa with three days of surfing championships, lifeguard competitions, sandcastle-building contests, volleyball tournaments and even a health fair. Calendar Live! tells you where to park your beach chair .

Catch the Big One

If you're into serious surfing, watch from Huntington Beach Pier as the top professional surfers go head to head in the Gotcha Pro. Calendar Live! gives you the details.

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