Make-Up to Pack Its Kit at Halloween

Mark your calendars on Halloween weekend, because Make-Up's going to Las Vegas. The Hard Rock Hotel invited L.A.'s sizzling glam rock club to stage a glitzy Make-Up extravaganza on Oct. 30, complete with 10 chartered buses to transport all the freaks (they'll need one bus for performer Pat Briggs' headdresses alone). . . . Meanwhile, back at la rancha, the third annual "Halloween Masquerade Ball" is scheduled for the Variety Arts Center on Oct. 30 and rumor has it, Siouxsie & the Banshees will be performing. . . . In more spooky news, Shout!, the monthly mod club, will celebrate on Oct. 31 at the El Rey Theatre with a '60s-themed Halloween party.

Speaking of the El Rey, word has it Saturday night's "Highway to Hell" head-banger's trip freaked out the real metal folk who showed up to relive their glory days. They apparently weren't expecting a live drag show, and when Ratt's lead singer Stephen Pearcy joined famed cross-dresser Alexis Arquette for a rendition of the Ratt hit "Round and Round," the moment was, well, awkward.

Now ready for some real dish, kiddies? Just when you think the stench of Billboard Live is gone, it ain't. The folks behind it (who now own the Key Club) threatened the new owners of the Las Palmas Theatre, who were gearing up to open the venue shortly as Plush. According to B.L. folks, they owned the rights to the name Plush, because they licensed it for their V.I.P. room (the one they were trying to peddle private membership to for thousands back in Billboard Live's non-heyday). So now brother partners Bruce and Rod Perdew and Michael Stewart are tentatively sticking with the name Las Palmas Theatre. But that's not the club's only woes: Rumor has it the partners aren't in agreement over the direction of the club.

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